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Selbstmotivation zur Steigerung der Eigeninitiative.

Successful selling

Sales management Success
Business objectives
Sales targets
Goal acceptance, responsibility
Employees' objectives
Customer planning
Product planning
Planning of topics
TARGET/ACTUAL comparison
Activities, catalogue of measures to achieve
Sales coordination, controlling
Profile of requirements for a sales person
Strength/weakness profile
Where does success begin?
Views determine our behaviour
Strategies for acquiring new customers Customer development plan
Market analysis:
Trends and developments of the market
Competitor analysis:
Main competitors and their positioning
Attitude towards new customers
Addressing strategy (mailing, contact, active
full reference)
Personal and telephone canvassing
Initial contact discussion
Presentation of own company
Dealing with objections and obstacles
Strength/weakness analysis of own company
Product/service analyses per customer
Customer segmentation based on individual key
figures > A, B, C, D customer
Potential and product strategy per customer
Negotiation skills Presentation
of product and offers
Conversation starter
Demand analysis - questioning technique
Becoming aware of need
Conversation with various partners
Alternatively using video coaching Sim:Vendo®
Preparing the documents
Presentation of customer benefits
Dealing with presentation media
Personal impact
Alternatively using video coaching
Price Complaints and
customer satisfaction
Attitude to price
Emphasis on the benefits
Handling objections
Persuasive power
Corporate strategy in the event of complaints
Organization and procedure with complaints
Customer complaint interviews
Mystery Shopping
Customer survey
Suggestions Mental strength in sales activities
Corporate development by making suggestions
Defining and utilising scope for improvement
Drawings up concepts for problem solving
Tools for self-motivation
Think positive
Life motives
Call-up images
Dealing with energy/anger
Attitude Relating
Personal attitude to
Oneself (self-assessment)
Others (customers, colleagues, superiors,...)
Own situation/function/activity in the company
Create the future, don't bother to come to
terms with the past
Think of chances - don't think of problems
Relationship management
Organisational structure of the customer
Build up a customer information system
Role allocation for the customer
Relationship level
Strategy for customer support
Active full reference
Rhetoric and
presentation techniques
Preparation: Layout/structure of a presentation
Personal impact: Feedback and optimisation
Authenticity: Voice modulation, gesticulation,
facial expression
Posture, breathing, voice, articulation
Sovereignty: Interposed questions, objections,
Presentation skills: Media, auxiliary means
Rhetoric in English
Behaviour/conversational skills on the phone
Successful preparation
Acquisition by telephone
Making appointments
Dealing with objections
Successful follow-ups of quotations by phone
Conclusion Time management and
Will to succeed
Provide safety
Consistent conversation guidance
Remaining definite
Planning visits and tours
How much time should be spent on what
Conversation planning
Basics of time management

Personal impact

Teamwork during sales

Elements of impact
Getting to know one‘s own impact
Increasing personal impact

Departmental and process organisation
In-company synergies
Success factors in the team
Ability to work in the team
Attitude to teamwork
Roles in the team
External and internal sales teams
Self perception/interpersonal perception /
perception by the team
Outdoor-/Indoor exercises

Communication during sales


The route of a message
Content level/relationship level
Disturbances in communication
Active listening
Feedback culture
Perception and interpretation