NEWAYS Group International


Your specific training courses

Strategy development
What kind of strategy do we have/what will it become?
Shortage-concentrated strategy
Vision-oriented strategy
Strength-oriented strategy
Strength/weakness analysis (added value)
Highly promising fields of business
Highly promising target groups
Most urgent problems of target groups
Long-term basic needs of target groups
Innovation strategy, change strategy
Cooperation strategy (relating!)
(Corporate) mission statement
Action criteria
Managing projects
How do I lead a project successfully?
Non-hierarchical leadership
Recognising problems, chances, projects
Opportunity/risk analysis
"Selling" projects
Planning projects (PSP, milestones,...)
Forming teams
Leading teams
Managing projects
Concluding projects
Relating® / Relationship management
Why should someone enjoy working with us?
Personal attitude to relationship management
Recognising relationships that are relevant to success
Analysis of quality of relationships
Building relationships
Cultivating relationships
Utilising relationships
First structured simulation of a sales process
Successful sales by 360° perspective
Analysis for developing individual staff members
Networking of different groups
Integration of new staff members
Intensive one-to-one training courses even for large groups
Development of professional routines
Training courses dealing with new sales topics
Gain in self-assuredness
Time management
Why don't we manage to do twice as much in half the time?
Attitude to dealing with time
Eisenhower is wrong!
Job analysis
Time management
Self-management/life balance
Work technique
How do teams become successful?
Team orientation first, then departmental orientation
Team member/ team roles
Promotion of creativity/development of ideas
Leading teams
Team phases
Chairing conferences
The first behaviour-oriented leadership simulation
Successful leadership by 360° perspective
Substantial results on individual executives and the whole team
Increased decision reliability in HR issues in management
Pointing out optimisation potential in management
Analysing the success of the "top executives"
Positive competition stimulates top performance
Everyone can learn from the best
The joy of leading
Stress management
How do I deal with myself?
Personal self-assessment
Cognitive antistress techniques
Analysis of stress factors
Long-term stress management - tools
Short-term stress management - tools
Life balance
Trade fairs
How do we organise a trade fair with success?
Be the host
Separate the wheat from the chaff
"Parking" trade visitors
Effectless chat or targeted conversation guidance?
The 3-3-12 rule
Efficiently using the stand
Remaining definite
How do we make effective phone calls?
Preparing the conversation
Observing conversation stages!
Effective greeting
Attracting the attention of the other person
Asking the right questions
Reaching definite agreements
Saying good-bye properly
Remaining definite
Thinking strategies/
- Applied methods
How do we "process" information correctly?
Personal attitude during information “processing“
Acceptance of one-dimensionality
Working out promising methods
Cause-motive analysis (Ishikawa)
Decision making e-matrix
Chances and risk analysis
Morphological box