NEWAYS Group International


Das Ziel ist es, den Unternehmenserfolg zu gestalten.


Based on experience gained in the past, opportunities for the future are
generated from the potential of all persons concerned. The way is easier if everybody is involved in the process. Contributing to the success of the company is clearly the principle aim. But success initially develops in the mind.

NEWAYS takes an in-depth look at the processes in companies.
First, we open up new avenues and then we open the mind.
Success and failure are frequently determined by the attitudes of the people.

NEWAYS' work has been internationally recognised by numerous mediumsized enterprises and groups of companies.

We draw the strength to help you based on this experience.

Rough concept
Objectives / need
Target group
Time frame

Sales organisation
Management organisation
Analysis of employee potential
Simulation of sales process Sim:Vendo®
Simulation of leadership behaviour Sim:Manager®

Applied methods
Involvement of executive staff
Result check with new objectives

Es gilt jetzt neue Wege zu öffnen und die Köpfe frei zu machen.