NEWAYS Group International

Wir helfen Unternehmen, die Balance zwischen den verschiedenen, für das Unternehmen erfolgsrelevanten Kriterien herzustellen.


Are we succeeding in motivating our employees to achieve our
company objectives?
Have our visions sufficient force to meet the challenges of the
Are we really distinguishable from our competitors?
Does our organisational structure strengthen our success?
Are we able to make the necessary changes quickly enough during a
Do we encourage development and creativity?
Do we speak to our customers more about our services than our
Do we actively manage our customer relationships?
Do our customers perceive that they and their needs are more
important to us than the properties of our products?
Do we succeed in delighting our customers?
Do we demand and promote entrepreneurial thinking on the part of
our employees?
Do we qualify our staff members in a strategical way?
Are networked thinking and interdepartmental collaboration actual
practice in our company?
Do we use problems as chances for optimisation?
Do we offer career chances to motivated employees?
Does our management culture contribute to the attractiveness of our
company as an employer?

... and at the end, success!